DWM Wed 11/25/15

DWM Wed 11/25/15

Wed 11/25/15:

For time:
100cals AD (use HRmonitor to determine 100cals)
2k Row
AD 6:01
Row 7:41
Total – 13:57

A. Power Snatch – 5 singles @ 80-85%; rest as needed
Good work here, no misses. 185/190/195/200/200

B. Squat Snatch – 5 singles @ 80-85%; rest as needed
Same here, gotta just remember to punch for the catch so I don’t have soft elbows. 205/210/210/215/215

C. HB Back Squat – 8,6,4,2,2; rest 3min (build)
This felt pretty good today. I don’t know if I was in 1RM form after the AD/Row & snatches, but the squat felt solid. I went 275/295/315/335/355.





B. OHt Rack Walking Lunge – 4 x 20 UB setps @ 135#; rest as needed b/t
Went well, legs a little smoked from the squats, but never got close to not going UB.
C. Tuck-ups – 100 for time
I did 60 in 2:01 and my ass was rubbing raw so I stopped. Hignell doesn’t have any yoga mats I could do them on.
D. Stir The Pots – 3 x 12 ea direction; rest as needed
Did 3 rounds of 45 sec ON/45 sec OFF plank instead. I didn’t wanna use Hignell’s wall ball because it kinda makes them lopsided. I made sure to go for max compression like you asked for with the Chinese planks, these were hard.
ROMwod – 20min
Skipped today because I’d been at the gym for 2.5 hours already and needed to get back “home” since I’d been gone all afternoon.