DWM Wed 12/11/13

Took some Nyquil and slept like a rock last night, 7 full hours. Then went home at 10 am and slept another 1.5 hours. I’m definitely fighting a cold right now. Going to try to get another 7 hours tonight and probably take a nap tomorrow as well.

Body feels good today minus the nasal issues. No real soreness. Legs felt a little heavy during my warm up, but got better along the way.

Row – 2000m for time
Time – 7:04

That’s a 19 second PR, but I know this still needs a lot of work. Felt good for the first 500 and was pretty consistently under 1:40 with a few pulls around 1:42. Second 500 my split crept up to between 1:45 & 1:50. Third 500 hurt pretty bad and my splits were pretty much all over 1:50, with a few around 1:48 and a few over 1:55. Final 500, all splits about 1:50, went for it all at about 110m left and finished strong, should’ve started the major push to finish earlier. I was hurting pretty bad at the end, but I think I had a little more in my legs, probably could’ve made the final push around 150 or 180m. I have no idea how I’m going to snatch a 1RM after rowing a 2000m on Sunday though. Any advice would be helpful here.

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