DWM Wed 12/2/15

DWM Wed 12/2/15

Wed 12/2/15:

For time:
60min EN1/EN2 Session
30min Mobility
Completed this with 5 min increments of run, AD & row. Stayed in the EN1 zone mostly because I was super tired from the night before, only slept 5 hours because I went to the Sharks game, they played the Penguins. Went home and got a 2-hour nap after this session and felt much better after.

6 Deadlift @ 315#
6 Power Cleans @ 225#
6 Push Press @ 185#
Rest 3-5min
x4 Rounds
**3 seperate bars
This was more difficult than I expected, the power cleans were quick, but kind of hard and the push press was really difficult after the first 12 reps. I was really happy I was able to hold a pretty steady pace, would like to be faster, but I don’t remember a time I didn’t want to be faster, haha. Times & videos below.




EMOM for 15min
Min-1 – 10 GHD Sit-ups
Min-2 – 10 Alt Lateral DB 2-arm Box Step-ups
Min-3 – 10 BB Good Mornings @ 95#
This was more difficult than expected too, but I got all of it done. I used 55# DBs for the step ups.
ROMwod – 20min