DWM Wed 12/23/15

Wed 12/23/15:

A. HS Walking Tech/Practice – 10min
Fun, got a walk + 3 HSPUs as I went. Gonna start doing these in the hallway to see if I can get like 5 or more in a line.
4 Rounds for time:
5 Bar Muscle-ups
30ft HS Walk (must be UB)
30ft Sled Push (very heavy)
Went pretty good, unbroken on the muscle ups, 3 of the 4 HS walks I made on the first try (5′ short on round 3, had to restart), upped the distance on the sled pull to 60′ because I only have pocket sleds and had them loaded with max weight, which is 180 lbs. Time was 5:29, shoulda been sub-5 if I didn’t come down on that HS Walk.
Rings L-sit – accumulate 2min AFAP
Rest 60sec
Hollow Rock – accumulate 2min AFAP
Rest 60sec
Tuck-up – 50 reps for time
This was terrible, all of these were hard. The L-sit took 3:30 to get 2 minutes, the hollow rock took 4:00 to get 2 minutes and the tuck-ups took 2:12.

Running Prep – 20min (aerobic + DROM)
Run – 3 x 1000m @ 5k pace; rest 90sec
Completed. Harder than I expected at a 7 min/mile pace, but it was really windy, so that didn’t help. Times were all a perfect 4:22.
ROMwod – 40min
Skipped this because I was at the track and then forgot to do it when I got home.

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