DWM Wed 12/30/15

Wed 12/30/15:

We did a hike of the Na Pali Coast. It was 4 miles in and 4 miles out of some pretty rigorous terrain. It took us 6 hours with some stopping at the beach and waterfall along the way. I never really had any trouble during the hike and felt good, but I was dead tired by the end and fell asleep at 7 pm that night. Photos are on Facebook. I know Hawaii is far for you guys, but if you ever get a chance, make sure you go to Kauai, it’s insanely beautiful and super mellow.

I’ve got a gnarly ingrown toenail from slamming my toe into the shoe on all the downhill sections and it’s not feeling great, but I’ll push through. Hopefully, it’ll be 100% by Monday or Tuesday.

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