DWM Wed 1/27/16

A. HS Walking Practice – 10-15min
Completed, nothing to report.
B. Push Press – build to 3RM; rest as needed
I felt good today so I wanted to go for it. I’ve made 225 before, but never more than that. I missed the 3rd rep at 225 both times I attempted. Not too disappointed, just got a target for next time. Weights went as follows: 95-135-165-185-205-225(2.5)-225(2.5) Video of 2nd attempt at 225 below. From the video it looks like I’ve got good hip drive and bar path, but I just didn’t have enough in my shoulders to finish. Let me know what you think.

C. Strict Banded HSPU – accumualte 45 reps in UB sets of 3
Completed with a band for the first time ever, pretty challenging getting into it, but once I got the hang of it I was good to go. Used the small red rogue band. Video on Instagram.
4 Rounds
40sec Hollow Rock; 20sec rest
40sec Arch Rock; 20sec rest
40sec Side Plank; 20sec rest

AB – 3 x 10sec @ 100% effort; rest 3min
AB – 3 x 20sec @ 100% effort; rest 3min
Holy shit the last two 20 second intervals hurt and my HR was through the roof. I know I need this stuff, keep it coming. Was I supposed to do all 3 at 10 seconds, then all 3 at 20 seconds? That’s how I did it because you didn’t have A1 & A2. Hopefully this is correct, let me know if not.
Rest 10min
10min AMRAP @ threshold (don’t need to track HR, just stay below redline)
20cals Row
20 WB
60 DU
Rest 3min
x2 rounds
These were pretty good and I was happy I went UB on the WBs and DUs on both rounds. My scores were 3+29 & 3+19.
ROMwod – 20min

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