DWM Wed 1/6/15

A. HS Walking Tech/Practice – 10min
Completed, nothing to report except fatigue in shoulders from yesterday.
B. Hang Squat Clean – 5 singles @ 85-90%; rest as needed (keep volume of build-up sets low)
Felt really good here, went 255-260-265-270-275 and never had a bad one or miss, felt strong. Video of 275 on Instagram.
2 Rounds for time:
21cals Row
15 CTB
9 Thrusters @ 135#
This was good, but I could feel the fatigue in my abs from Monday & back and shoulders from yesterday. Time was 4:08, shoulda been sub-4, but I couldn’t get the rhythm on the second round of pull-ups and had to jump down after 3 and then jump back up for the last 12. We unbroken on the thrusters, not really that hard.
Rings L-sit – accumulate 2min AFAP
Rest 60sec
Hollow Rock – accumulate 2min AFAP
Rest 60sec
Tuck-up – 50 reps for time
Horrible just like last time, so much pain! Times were 3:27, 4:20 & 2:45

Running Prep – 20min (aerobic + DROM)
Run – 4 x 400m @ 80-85-90-95% effort; rest 2min
push the final run into lactate but not maximal effort
It was raining here, so I did 500m rowing intervals instead. I forgot to turn the app on for the first interval so that’s why there’s only 3 spikes of HR below.
1616 HR
ROMwod – 40min

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