DWM Wed 2/26/14

Wed 2/26/14:

5min AMRAP @ 80% effort
10 Pull-ups (not C2B)
10 Power Cleans @ 95#
Rest 5min
This was nice and smooth. I went unbroken on round 1 and realized that if I continued doing that I’d quickly push myself above 80% so I decided to go 5-5 for the remainder of the workout. No big deal here, everything felt good and easy.
Score: 5 Rounds

10min AMRAP @ 85% effort
10 Hang Snatch @ 75#
10 Box Jumps @ 20″
250m Row
Rest 5min
No problems here either. I had to work out how I wanted to bring the bar down to the hang position between reps of the hang snatch during the first 2 round, but I found that going straight to my knees worked best and used that the rest of the way. My ankle felt funky this morning for some weird reason, so I stepped down off the box every rep. I kept the row around 1:52 pace the whole way.
Score: 4+14

10min AMRAP @ 80% effort
10 Thursters @ 75#
10 Burpees
This one was more annoying than anything. I have what feels like a calcium deposit on my right collar bone and it hurts like hell to do thrusters, but after the first couple of rounds of any workout I stop noticing it. I did the thrusters in sets of 5 and the burpees unbroken the whole way, never really gassed, but never feeling fresh, just steadily chugging along during this one.
Score: 6+5

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