DWM Wed 2/4/15

DWM Wed 2/4/15

Wed 2/4/15:
Slept pretty terrible last night, got 6 hours, but they weren’t good hours and didn’t have time for a nap today. I’m happy I’ll be able to sleep in tomorrow.

I 10
C 9
E 10
This was a good session. My legs still aren’t 100% back and I could feel it in when I kind of struggled with some of the squats, but besides that I felt pretty good.

A. Squat Clean – build to tough single; rest as needed
Decided to just lift until I missed, then give 1 more attempt and shut it down. I made 245-265-275 & 285, then missed 295 twice. I pulled it just fine, I just couldn’t stand it up. Obviously it’s too late to build more strength, but I know that needs to be a priority again once the season is over. Videos below




295 miss 1

295 miss

7min AMRAP
20 Squat Cleans @ 45% – 130
20 Squat Cleans @ 65% – 185
AMRAP Squat Cleans @ 85% in remaining time – 245
This one went pretty well, but my legs really gave in and I felt like I had nothing left in the tank toward the end of 185. I had 1 minute and I only made 1 rep at 245. My second attempt I couldn’t stand up out of the hole. Video below:

Mobility – as needed
Worked on glutes & quads today.

I 10
C 10
E 10
Great little session. I’m disappointed with the last round, but my grip just couldn’t hang on. I still was able to lower my time though my crushing the row.

20cals Row @ 90%
20 CTB Pull-ups
20cals Row @ 95%
Rest 6min
x4 sets @80,85,90,OPEN PACING by round
*don’t dig into max-effort until the final round
This went pretty well, I lowered my time each round and I went unbroken on the PUs for the first 3, but had to break up the final round, I just couldn’t hang on to the bar anymore. Not sure if it was because I rowed too hard or because of all the work that I had already done. Times were 2:40, 2:32, 2:20 & 2:17. Videos below
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4