DWM Wed 2/5/14

Wed 2/5/14:
Tad bit sore this morning, but nothing terrible. I took Progenex Cocoon for the first time last night after a friend gave me a couple servings worth to try out. Not sure if I like it. I slept well, but I typically do, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

15min AMRAP @ 100% effort
5 Power Cleans @ 205#
10 C2B
15 Burpees (open standard)
Score: 5 Rounds + 4 Power Cleans
I was pleasantly surprise with how well I moved the 205 lb Power Cleans. My hand ripped during the third round, so I ran off and performed some minor surgery on it so that it wouldn’t get any worse and then I got back after the WOD. I think I could get at least 6 rounds, if not more with my hand not ripping. The rip isn’t bad, but it would be much worse if I didn’t take the time to tend to it.


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