DWM Wed 3/12/14

DWM Wed 3/12/14

Wed 3/12/14:
Slept like a rock last night and felt good this morning. Quads are getting better, should be 90-100% tomorrow. Nothing else to really report.

A. Hng Power Clean – 3,3,2; rest 3min (heavy)
These were ok. I probably jumped to 225 too fast, 95-135-185-225, and the first set caught me a little off guard. I missed the 3rd rep of the first 225 lbs. The 235 lb set was pretty good, I tried to be quicker snapping my hips and then closing them quickly to catch.
225 – set 1 (2 reps):

225 – set 2:

235 – set 3:

B. Muscle-up – 10 reps for time x3; rest 3-4min
The hardest part of this was holding onto the damn rings because my hands are destroyed. As you can see in the video I taped my hands more and more each round. I was happy with the times considering I was struggling to hold on.
Set 1 (0:47)

Set 2 (0:55)

Set 3 (1:10)

For time:
20 Power Cleans @ 135#
20 Box Jumps @ 24″
20 STOH @ 135#
20 Burpees over the bar
20 Deadlift @ 135#
Time – 6:47
This one was awesome! Had some trouble holding the bar once again, especially on my shoulders in the STOH because the bar was just sitting on my rips and during the deadlift because I was holding it with my fingertips, but I think it still went pretty well. Video below: