DWM Wed 3/18/15

DWM Wed 3/18/15

Wed 3/18/15:
Felt pretty good this morning, quads are pretty wrecked today from Mon/Tues and I felt it pretty good during the workout.

I 10
C 10
E 10
Another great session today, very focused and gave it my all. Nothing to complain about and I enjoyed the whole thing.

A. Split Jerk – quickly build to tough single (not 1RM)
Did pretty well here, had the Metcons on today, which are a little squishy, definitely not the best shoe for split jerks. I forgot my nanos at home today though, so I didn’t have a choice. I got up to 295 pretty easily though, which was good. I went 225, 255, 275 & 295. Videos are below.




60sec Row @ 85%
60sec Box Jumps @ 24″ (step-down, save calves)
60sec STOH @ 135#
Rest 5min
This was smooth, I probably rowed a little too hard and I felt it during the box jumps and STOH. My quads were on fire during the jumps and presses, but I did my best to keep moving at a good pace. Video below.

30sec Row @ 85%
30sec Box Jumps @ 24″ (same)
30sec STOH @ 135#
This was better, probably because the row was shorter. This went nice and smooth. Since I was a little disappointed with my fatigued double unders on Friday/Monday, I decided to go for 100 DUs at the end of this while my heartrate was up. I ended up hitting all 100 unbroken, which was awesome. If it’s alright with you, I’d like to continue with this going forward until I can comfortably make 200 or so when I’m tired and my heartrate and breathing are up. Once I know I can get 100 pretty consistently I’ll just bump it up to 150 and then 200. Video below.

Row/Mobility – 15-20min cool-down
Rowed for 5-10 minutes or so, then worked on my glutes, low back & quads.