DWM Wed 3/26/14

Wed 3/26/14:
Got some good sleep on Tuesday night and felt pretty good Wednesday morning. After 14.4 was complete and I did a little analysis of the points I have come to the realization that there’s no way I’m getting into regionals without A LOT of help from guys going team or getting hurt. Figuring that out was a little disappointing, but I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting it after having 2 scores in the 250+. My goal is to do as well as I can on this last workout to get as high in the standings as possible and see where it goes from there. Worst case scenario I made a huge jump from finishing 457th in NorCal last year and I can set my sights on 2015, which is what we talked about originally.

A. Squat Snatch – 7 singles @ 75-85%; rest 90sec
Hadn’t done any squat snatches in a little bit, so this was good to feel. I completed 2 reps at 165, 2 at 175, 2 at 185 & 1 at 195. They felt better as they went along. Still seeing my chest drop as the weight gets heavy, but I’m working on it. Video below:

B. Push Jerk – 3 reps on the min for 7min @ 155-185#
The push jerk is feeling better each time I do it, just trying to keep my focus on moving my feet and snapping my elbows. Completed 1 at 155, 2 at 165, 2 at 175 & 2 at 185 with no real problems. Video below:

Thruster @ 75#
Cals Row @ 75% recovery pace
Screwed this one up a little by using 95 lbs instead of 75 lbs like you asked, but I was still able to go unbroken without much trouble and no soreness today. Nothing really to report here except that I can’t wait until there are thrusters and burpees in this next workout to see how well I can do. Video below:

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