DWM Wed 3/4/15

DWM Wed 3/4/15

Wed 3/4/15:
Slept 7 hours last night and got a 1.5 hour nap today, which was nice.

I 10
C 10
E 10
Solid session here. I would’ve like to make my final rep on the squat snatches, but you said no misses, so when I missed I moved on. My wrist felt fine throughout. Thrusters aren’t the best thing for it, but they’re manageable.

A. Squat Snatch – build to tough single; rest as needed (no more than 3-4 heavy reps, no misses)
Didn’t really have any wrist problems here, just did as you asked and worked up until I missed. I made reps at 75, 95, 135, 165, 185, 205, 225, then missed 235 and shut it down. Video below of the last 4. The miss was because of the catch, I just didn’t punch up hard enough and the weight got the best of me, I pulled it really well.




B. HB Back Squat – 10,10,10; rest 2min (mod-heavy, build)
I don’t remember the last time I did a 10 rep back squat, so I kind of had to do this by feel. I warmed up with 185 and that felt light, so I started my sets at 225, then hit 255, then hit 275. Videos are below.



EMOM for 10min
Odd – 5 Thrusters @ 95-115#
Even – 10 CTB Pull-ups
This was very easy and went very well. My wrist held up fine, but the thrusters definitely aren’t the best thing for it, I can feel it in the front rack because it’s in extension. I did 2 rounds at 95 and 3 rounds at 115. I did all the C2B unbroken and was just working on an efficient kip. Video is below.

AD/Row – 20min @ easy recovery pace (HR=100-150 BPM by feel)
I hit up the rower for 20 minutes and I felt really good by the end. I will start my hunt for an airdyne again on Craigslist and let you know when I find one.