DWM Wed 3/5/14

Wed 3/5/14:
Slept well last night and felt good this morning. Back and shoulders were a little sore from yesterday, but nothing major. Nothing else to really report, muscles feel good and strong.

Row – 2000m @ 85% effort – 7:39
Rest 3min
Not bad here, I had more trouble only giving 85% effort (2:00 pace) than rowing the full 2k. I was trying to row just below a 2:00 pace, but I kept finding myself in the low 1:50’s or closer to 2:05 if I slowed myself down. I would’ve like to row closer to a 7:50 here to ensure my second row was faster, but I didn’t.
S2OH – AMRAP in 30sec @ 115#: 19-16-15-13-17
Rest 30sec
Box Jump – AMRAP in 30sec @ 24″: 17-17-17-16-18
Rest 30sec
TTB – AMRAP in 30sec: 17-15-13-14-13
Rest 30sec
These were all good. My shoulders were burning out pretty bad during the S2OH, but I stayed fairly consistent and started using the push jerk pretty successfully in the later rounds. The box jumps were all good and the T2B were good, but I was coming down to manage my hands because the last thing I wanted was for them to rip. Video below:

Row – 2000m @ 90% effort (faster than 1st effort) – 7:42
Couldn’t get into a groove until after about 1,000 meters and it hurt me in the long run. Grabbing the handles was hard after all those T2B and I just didn’t have the pulling power I wanted. It was a struggle to get the split time under 1:55, but I got pretty damn close to my first 2k of 7:39. I think next time I need to focus more on when I’m pulling and how hard I’m pulling instead of the meters and I should be able to keep a little better pace, that’s what I did during the last 700 meters or so and I picked up a lot of time because I was rowing sub 1:55 the entire last 700 to 1,000m.

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