DWM Wed 4/30/14

Wed 4/30/14:
Couldn’t fall asleep last night, might’ve had too much caffeine in the afternoon. Once I got to sleep I slept ok, 6 hours total. Body was super sore this morning from the work yesterday. Core was a lot more sore than I expected, must’ve been all the OHS & squat snatches. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Row – 1000m @ 70-75% effort
Nice and easy, tried to row just under a 1:50 the whole way, nothing really to talk about here.
150m Row @ 85% effort
6 Burpees over the erg
Rest 30sec
These were good, rowed about a 1:40 each time, felt good throughout with legs starting to burn during the last 2 rounds, but nothing major that wasn’t recovering during the 30 sec rest. Video below:

Row “”step test””
60sec Row @ 2:10 pace
60sec Row @ 2:05 Pace
60sec Row @ 2:00 pace
60sec Row @ 1:55 pace
60sec Row @ 1:50 pace
60sec Row @ 1:45 pace
…continue pattern until you cannot hold the pace
I made it through the round of 1:40 pace, but had nothing in the tank to make any pulls at 1:35 or below. It was difficult to go slow enough at the beginning, but I started to get in the groove at about a 2:00 pace. I was rowing at a pretty low tempo, 17-20 strokes/min until the 1:50 minute, then I had to pick it up to stay under. This still wasn’t too bad, but I started to feel it in my legs during the 1:50 minute. The 1:45 minute started to get tough and the last 30 seconds of the 1:40 minute were extremely difficult, but I was happy that I made it through the end because it was a fight.

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