DWM Wed 5/21/14

Wed 5/21/14:
Sorry this is coming a day late, I figured you probably wouldn’t do much with it because you’re preparing for regionals anyway. I slept well on Tuesday night, 7 hours, and my body felt good in the morning. A little tight in the calves after running on Tuesday, but that worked itself out while I was coaching in the morning.

A. 2 Position Squat Snatch – 7 sets @83-87% (hip + above knee)
These were good, but I continue to need work on my catch. I seem to be able to pull the bar fine, but I just need to settle down and catch the weight without being in a hurry to stand up. I tend to drop the weight forward when I miss the catch, but can’t exactly figure out why. I did 4 sets at 185 & 3 sets at 195. I missed the catch on 2 sets from the hip position at 185 and 2 sets form the hip position at 195, so I just re-did them and made both lifts. Videos below, sets 1-4 at 185 & sets 5-7 at 195:
Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:

Set 5:

Set 6:

Set 7:

B. DB 2arm Split Jerk Stance Neutral Grip Press – 5 x 5-6 TOUGH reps; rest 2:30
These went great this week. I’m not sure if my shoulders are getting stronger or I just did better because I didn’t do a ton of pressing before I had to do these. I did 1 set at 45, 1 set at 50, and then 3 sets at 55. All sets were 6 reps. Videos below:
Set 1(45):

Set 2(50):

Set 3(55):

Set 4(55):

Set 5(55):

2min AMRAP
10 TnG Power Cleans @ 10RM (heaviest possible for 10 TNG)
Row for max distance in remaining time
Rest 8min
The hardest part here was holding onto the bar at the beginning so that I could hit 10 TnG. I did these at 165 lbs. I think I’m getting better at the row, I ended up rowing 488 meters at 2 minutes and it ticked through to 501 total, which is pretty darn good for me after 10 heavy power cleans and about 1:30 on the rower. Video below:

2min AMRAP
10 Thrusters @ 135# (MUST BE UB and FAST)
Run for max distance in remaining time
Rest 8min
The run was a lot tougher than I expected, but this one was good too. I lost a little time on the thrusters as I got off balance after rep 6. I ended up running a total of 350 meters. Video below:

2min AMRAP
10 Max Height Burpees AFAP (jump AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE)
Row for max distance in remaining time
This went well too and was super hard after the other 2. I ended up rowing 414 meters before the time was up and it ticked up to 432 meters total. Video below:

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