DWM Wed 7/1/15

Wed 7/1/15:

EMOM for 40min
Min-1 – 5 Perfect TTB + Row @ EN2 for remaining time
Min-2 – 5 Perfect Rebounding BJ @ 20″” + Row @ EN2….
Min-3 – 5 Perfect CTB + Row….
Min-4 – 20 UB DU + Row….
Min-5 – 5 Perfect Brupees + Row…
*this is skill-work mixed w/ your aerobic pieces, what I want is focused, consious, deliberate movmeents with the goal of improving movment quality. For the BJ, pause on top of the box for a full 1-count, CTB make sure you’re using hips to drive movement, for TTB stay under the bar pull knees & kick…
This was good. Got a little distracted at the beginning, some guy showed up at the gym and wanted directions, it was weird, but after the first couple minutes I was in the routine and moved well throughout. I think the C2Bs were the hardest to keep consistent with all the pulling on the rower, but I felt like this whole thing went really well. The video is below. All 40 minutes of boringness…
Part 1

Part 2

Mobility – 20-30min
Been working a lot on my hips and squat lately, just continued the trend, I think it’s paying off, I feel like I can find the bottom of my squat much better in a more upright position.

CS Activation
A. Power Clean – 3 x; rest 15sec + 2min (build to tough complex)
This went really well, I will probably try to go heavier next time, but I wasn’t sure how heavy I would be able to go including the repeatability. I went 185-225-245 here and it went great, no misses. The most impressive thing here I think is that when I hired you my 1RM squat clean was 245, now it’s a pretty easily repeated power clean. Videos are below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

B. Push Jerk – 3 x 5.5.5; rest 15sec : 2min (build to tough complex)
These were kind of the opposite of the power cleans, they actually were much harder than I expected and I didn’t build at all, just used 185 the whole way because of how difficult the first series was. I was most surprised at how much doing 3 quick sets of 5 took my breath away. These went well, I just couldn’t build. Videos below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

C. Wtd. GHD Back Extension – 50 reps for time @ 15#
These were awesome, but crushed my hamstrings for a handful of days. I went unbroken and my time was 1:11. Video below.

CS Rec / Plyo

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