DWM Wed 7/15/15

Wed 7/15/15:
Got some good rest the last couple days and felt really good even after the heavy lifting yesterday. Did a little research on creating more tension in my deadlift set up. Going to give it an attempt next time we go heavy and see how it works.

5min Row @ EN2
5min EMOM 5-6 Rebounding BJ @ 24″” (perfect mechanics)
5min AD @ EN2
5min EMOM 8-10 Wallball (perfect mechanics)
5min Row @ EN2
5min EMOM 5-6 BF Burpees
5min AD @ EN2
5min EMOM 5-6 Thrusters @ 95#
5min ROw @ EN2
5min EMOM 20-25 UB DU
5min AD @ EN2
5min EMOM 5-6 TTB
5min Row @ EN2
5min EMOM 5-6 Muscle Snatches @ 75#
5min AD @ EN2
(75min total)
This was pretty long, slow and boring, but I did all the work. Never really struggled at all just plugged along. I figured this would be the most boring video ever so I didn’t even bother with that. HR photo below.
71515 HR

A. HS Hold Practice – 5min
Not bad here considering we haven’t done this in awhile. I know I’m still not great at this, but I’m still making progress, so that’s good. Video below.

B. HS Walking Practice – 5min
Same goes for this one. I made it across the gym a couple times, which was good and then I went outside for one long walk. Considering I was on my hands for nearly 10 minutes before I went for the long one I was really happy with the result with fatigued shoulders. I want to go for a new distance record next time we do this, I think I can make it farther than I ever have now. Video below.

5min AMRAP
5 Strict Deficit HSPU (5″”)
5 Strict MU
Rest 5min
5min AMRAP
5 Strict HSPU
5 Strict CTB
Rest 5min
5min AMRAP
5 Kipping HSPU
These all went pretty well, but damn were my arms blown up at the end. The strict muscle-ups were giving me fits like usual and I really didn’t want to tear my hands again so I was cautious here. I think that resulted in a lower score than I can possibly get, but a slightly lower score with hands that still work is better than a great score and bleeding everywhere on just a normal training day. I got 2 rounds + 8 reps on the first one. The 2nd and 3rd AMRAPs were slowed down only by the HSPUs until the very end. I went UB on the pull-ups until I think the final 2 rounds of the 3rd AMRAP where I was worried about my hands ripping so I went to the short bar and did singles. I still could’ve done 5s, but my hands wouldn’t have been happy. Once again, better to not bleed everywhere than to get a slightly higher score. My total on AMRAP 2 was 8 rounds + 1 HSPU (just as I was posting the videos I realized I was supposed to do “strict C2B” on the second one, but I did kipping, woops!) and my total on AMRAP 3 was 8 rounds + 2 HSPUs. Videos are below.



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