DWM Wed 7/23/14

DWM Wed 7/23/14

Wed 7/23/14:
Slept 7 hours last night and felt good this morning. I think this week of lower volume is going to be great for me.

I 10
C 10
E 10

Today was the perfect training day. I felt good all morning, the first part of the WOD was something I knew I needed work on and it went extremely well. The second part of the WOD involved 2 things that I thought would be difficult, but that I could do and I excelled. My muscle-ups felt AWESOME today and I was able to stay very relaxed and focused. Today was a great day of training.

A. Power Clean & Push Jerk – 1 rep every 30sec for 15 total reps @ 185# (deep practice, perfect reps work tap-n-go from clean to jerk)
These went well and I really got into a groove in the middle. Never missed and never really had a bad rep. Felt really good here. Video below:

EMOM for 18min
Min-1 – 6 UB Muscle-ups
Min-2 – 5 Defict HSPU (6-10″ by feel)
Min-3 – 30 Double-unders
This was awesome. Like I said above I really felt relaxed and in control on the MUs, which was a great feeling that gives me a ton of confidence going forward. The Def HSPUs went well and I hit all of them unbroken at the 10″ deficit. Double unders were never a problem. Video below: