DWM Wed 7/8/15

Wed 7/8/15:


CS Activation
A. Power Clean -1 rep on the min for 15min @ 205# (perfect mechanics)
No trouble here. Gotta get the bar a little higher and closer to the hip so I can keep it closer to the body. Not quite sure how to do that, maybe a slightly earlier shrug. Video below.

B. Push Jerk – 3 reps on the min for 10min @ 185# (perfect mechanics)
These went well. Had some trouble jumping backward & forward, on TnG reps. Got any suggestions on how to stay put? Videos below.

C. KB Snatch – 6 alt reps on the min for 5min @ 70#
As you know I dislike this movement, but I made it work without much trouble. It was a little rough on the hands, but that happens. Video below.

CS Rec / Plyo

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