DWM Wed 8/12/15

DWM Wed 8/12/15

Wed 8/12/15:

20min EMOM
Min-1 7 Rebounding BJ @ 24″
Min-2 7 Burpees (Open 2012 Standard)
Min-3 7 Thrusters @ 115#
Min-4 7 DL @ 225#
This went well, no trouble. Tried to hit these with intensity even though the time wasn’t going to be a factor. Thrusters got my heart rate the highest, but nothing crushed me. Video below.

20min EMOM
Min-1 30 Double-unders
Min-2 7 Muscle Snatches @95#
Min-3 7 TTB
MIn-4 7 STOH @ 115#
These were good too. Tried to focus on not overdoing the neck through the hole on the S2OH as this was one of the feedback pieces Max gave me. I also tried to control my breathing better on the S2OH because he said I needed work there. The other things were pretty easy. Video below.

20min Row/AD @ EN2
No trouble here. Just cruised along.

A. HS Hold Practice – 5min
Did pretty well here, making it a competition with a buddy made this more fun. I learned I need more active shoulders when I make first contact with the ground, I can’t just push once I get there. This helped a lot.
B. HS Walking Practice – 5min
*change up your format here and work on obstacle courses or speed HS walking
You saw the video of these. I’m going to keep messing around with the HS Baseball to see how good I can get. I’m hoping the lateral and backward movement will help me be in even more control going forward. Video below.

C. Strict HSPU – 3 UB reps every 25sec for AMRAP; rest 5min x2 rounds (cap at 60 reps each round)
I got them all. It got difficult at the end of round 2, but I made it through. Video below.
Set 1

Set 2

5min AMRAP CTB Pull-ups
Next attempt I’ll try to just hit 5s the whole way and see where I get. Grip became limiter, I never really had trouble pulling. 92 Reps. Video below.

Mobility – 20min
Worked on my chest and shoulders here after the HSPUs.