DWM Wed 8/13/14

Wed 8/13/14:
Slept 6.5 hours last night, but I’m hoping to get a 1 to 1.5 hour nap in today and I don’t have to coach tomorrow morning, so I’ll get a lot of sleep tonight. A little tight in the shoulders from yesterday, but that’s about it, nothing major.

I 8
C 10
E 10

This one was a tough one to push the intensity on because it was so long, but I definitely pushed the pace on the run and did my best to hang on through the other 2 movements giving it max effort.

For time:
1mi Run – 6:21
2k Row – Approximately 7:55 with transitions (14:16)
100 Burpees – Approximately 7:50, not sure what time I finished the row (22:06 Total)
This went well, I got a huge side cramp about 1/3 of the way into the run, so I had to push through it the rest of the way, but it started to let up with about 200 meters left, which meant the row wasn’t going to be terrible. I struggled on the row, I kept the first 1k under 1:50 and then did my best to keep the second 1k under 1:55. Then I just tried to zone out and do the burpees. I did 3 sets of 20 to get to 60. Then 1 set of 10 and 2 sets of 5 to get to 80, and finished it off with 2 sets of 10. The limiting factor on the burpees was my triceps/shoulders, they were on fire.

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