DWM Wed 8/19/15

Wed 8/19/15:

24min EMOM
Min-1 7 Rebounding BJ @ 24″
Min-2 7 Burpees (Open 2012 Standard)
Min-3 7 Thrusters @ 115#
Min-4 7 DL @ 225#
No trouble, just cruised and tried to keep my movement patterns & breathing good.
24min EMOM
Min-1 30 Double-unders
Min-2 7 Muscle Snatches @95#
Min-3 7 TTB
MIn-4 7 STOH @ 115#
Same as above, worked on TTB speed and made them significantly faster per rep, worked on breathing and head position in S2OH.
24min Row/AD @ EN2
AD 8, Row 8, AD 4, Row 4

A. HS Hold Practice – 5min
These were ok today, I was having a little trouble getting the right strength of kick up to get a perfect line without chasing my hands for a step or two before I caught my balance.
B. HS Walking Practice – 5min
*change up your format here and work on obstical courses or speed HS walking
Went for max distance total in 5 minutes with the old games standard of replacing hands in exact spot you came down. I went 280 feet total.
C. Strict HSPU – 3 UB reps every 20sec for AMRAP; rest 5min x2 rounds (cap at 60 reps each round)
Made them all, these were even easier than last week, which is a little surprising because the time was 5 seconds shorter, but I guess that’s a good sign. Looking forward to what you have for me next here. Muscle endurance is getting really good in the shoulders. Videos below.
Set 1

Set 2

D. CTB – 5 reps every 20sec for 10 sets (50 reps); rest 5min x2 rounds
No trouble here, small rip in left hand, but not bad. Got them all without trouble. Need to work on keeping my kip consistent in later rounds to stay efficient. Got video of the whole first round, forgot to turn the camera on until late in the second round, but the videos are below.
Set 1

Set 2

Mobility – 20min

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