DWM Wed 8/20/14

DWM Wed 8/20/14

Wed 8/20/14:
Slept 6.5 hours on Tuesday night, but took a 2 hour nap on Wednesday after lunch.

I 8
C 10
E 10

Training session was good today, intensity was down a little because the session was kind of mellow, but concentration and effort were both high during the different parts.

A. Squat Snatch tech work – 15min (up to 165#…include 3 position snatches, hang work, position work, etc)
Not much to report here. I’m getting better and better with the snatch after my last trip to see Diane Fu. The biggest key has been to find the middle of my foot and to bring my hips forward earlier so I can get vertical and not bang/loop the bar as much. It’s feeling much smoother from all positions.

B. 10″ Deficit HSPU – 6 x 2; rest as needed (perfect reps)
I’ve already made a huge improvement here. No struggles at all as long as I focus on loading my hips and pressing late. See the videos below:
Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:

Set 5:

Set 6:

5 Rounds @ moderate aerobic effort
200m Run
4 UB Muscle-ups
4 Squat Cleans @ 155#
This went extremely well. Each round was about 2 minutes at a moderate effort and the last 2 rounds of muscle-ups were extremely good. I did all 4 reps on round 4 as front uprises, no dip needed, and I did the first 3 reps of the 5th round the same way. Every time I do MUs they seem to get better. Video below: