DWM Wed 8/26/15

Wed 8/26/15:
Felt pretty good this morning, slept a solid 7 hours last night. Traps were a bit tight from the HPCs, but my hip felt good, which was encouraging, must’ve been just a single day thing. Gonna stay off the tower for a day or 2 just in case.

28min EMOM
Min-1 7 Rebounding BJ @ 24″
Min-2 7 Burpees (Open 2012 Standard)
Min-3 7 Thrusters @ 115#
Min-4 7 DL @ 225#
Felt strong here and very coordinated. Box jumps are locked in now and thruster is getting better after Max’s feedback on breathing & head position. DLs and burpees are great.
28min EMOM
Min-1 30 Double-unders
Min-2 7 Muscle Snatches @95#
Min-3 7 TTB
MIn-4 7 STOH @ 115#
No trouble here either, just cruised. T2B are extremely efficient and good to go now. Muscle snatches and shoulder to overhead getting better each week. Double unders are getting faster and faster, did almost all rounds of 30 in 15 seconds or less.
24min Row/AD @ EN2
This actually kind of sucked cuz I spent the whole 24 min on the AD. Not terrible, just kind of boring and monotonous, so the fatigue became more apparent. Got a good sweat in and my legs felt pretty good after:

A. HS Hold Practice – 5min
Getting better, still making progress. Gotta be more active in the abs and punch up at first contact to continue improving.
B. HS Walking Practice – 5min
This started good, I made it about 80 feet with speed today, then some more quick walks, just shorter distance.
100 HSPU for time (50 strict -> 50 kipping)
Might’ve gone out too hot with 3 sets of 10, but still finished the strict 50 in just over 2 minutes. Then had to just do my best to kip like hell so I could lock out on the remaining 50 reps. Time was 7:10. Video below.

Mobility – 20min

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