DWM Wed 8/5/15

Wed 8/5/15:
Still feeling the affects of Monday plus the power cleans & split jerks from yesterday. Haven’t been this sore in awhile, but it’s a good sore, nothing that bad or that would slow me down.

6min Row @ EN2
6min EMOM 5-6 Rebounding BJ @ 24″” (perfect mechanics)
6min AD @ EN2
6min EMOM 10 KB Swings @ 62-70# (perfect mechanics)
6min Row @ EN2
6min EMOM 5-6 BF Burpees
6min AD @ EN2
6min EMOM 5-6 Muscle-Snatches @ 95#
6min ROw @ EN2
6min EMOM 20-25 UB DU
6min AD @ EN2
6min EMOM 5-6 TTB
6min Row @ EN2
6min EMOM 5-6 STOH @ 95#
6min AD @ EN2
(90min total)
*use film review app that I sent in deliberate practice email to review all movements
This was LONG, but good. The muscle snatches were the hardest at 95 lbs, but it made me really think about sweeping the bar to my hip to get a good pop on it. No trouble anywhere else, just plugged along. HR photo below.

A. HS Hold Practice – 5min
Nothing new or wild and crazy happened here, about the same as last week.
B. HS Walking Practice – 5min
Same thing, no PR, shoulders still a little fatigued from Monday, but I did well, just getting more and more consistent.
EMOM for 20min
Odd – 5 Strict Deficit HSPU (4.5″”)
Even – 5 Muscle-ups
Rest 5min
EMOM for 20min
Odd – 8 K.HSPU
Even – 8 CTB
This was pretty tough, especially on my hands, but I didn’t rip and I was able to go UB I think on everything the whole way. I definitely had difficulty toward the end and this kind of wore on my mentally, but I made it out alive. Videos below.


Mobility – 20min

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