DWM Wed 9/10/14

Wed 9/10/14:
Slept a solid 9 hours last night, feeling better again this morning, still not 100%. Legs are a little tight from all the squatting yesterday, IT-bands are super tight from all the OHS.

I 7
C 8
E 8

Better training session today, but still not perfect. I could definitely feel the fatigue in my legs quickly and it ended up eating me up on the rower. Once I started to lose the 1:42-1:43 range it was hard to stay focused and push through the pain, I just didn’t have it in the tank.

Row – 10 x 500m @ 85% effort (goal is 1:42-1:43 across); rest-walk 2min
Like I said above I felt the fatigue pretty early and after the 4th round I knew that I was going to be in trouble trying to hold the 1:42-1:43 the whole way. My legs started to fatigue after less than 200 meters into each round and that got earlier and earlier. I struggled to keep it as close as possible, but it just kept slipping. Focusing on my breathing helped, but it wasn’t enough today. Times are below:
Round 1 – 1:41.6
Round 2 – 1:42.3
Round 3 – 1:42.5
Round 4 – 1:42.6
Round 5 – 1:44.4
Round 6 – 1:44.1
Round 7 – 1:45.4
Round 8 – 1:45.9
Round 9 – 1:46.8
Round 10 – 1:45.8

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