DWM Wed 9/16/15

DWM Wed 9/16/15

Wed 9/16/15:

Choice Cyclical – 30-45min @ EN1
Only did 30 min because I was sweating pretty good and we got the keys to our house yesterday so I’ve got a ton of shit to do during the day today. Those 15 minutes might end up being important.
Mobility – 20min
ROMWOD – bound angle, seated forward fold, seated straddle. Then did some couch & pigeon

A. Deadlift – build to tough TnG double; rest as needed
This was a weird little piece. I warmed up and at the end of the warm up I did 10 single leg KB deadlifts with the 70# KB. After these 20 reps, both of my hamstrings completely cramped up and got SUPER tight out of nowhere. I was able to stretch them out and they felt a little tight, but they no longer were cramping after a few minutes, so I decided to deadlift. Everything was going smooth and I was crushing the deadlifts without any trouble. I worked up to 405 with ease, then 425 was really hard and 435 I couldn’t get off the ground. Per usual, I was a little disappointed in this result like almost every time we deadlift heavy, but I guess we haven’t been deadlifting a ton lately and my repeatability at heavier weights is still improving, so my 1RM isn’t really that important. Videos are below.


435 miss

7 Deadlift
5 Hang Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
Rest 90sec
x4 Rounds @ 135/155/185/205# by round
R1 – 19 sec

R2 – 21 sec

R3 – 21 sec

R4 – 27 sec

3min Choice Cyclical @ EN1
2min Mobility
x4-6 rounds (20-30min)
Hit up the AD and did some pigeon, downward dog, couch stretch, ankle opener & forearm work. I did 6 rounds.