DWM Wed 9/23/15

Wed 9/23/15:

Choice Cyclical – 30-45min @ EN1
10 AD, 10 Row, 10 AD, 10 row, 5 AD.
Mobility – 20min
ROMWOD & then work on my shoulder/lat/tricep problem.

10-8-6-4-2 Reps for time
Deadlift @ 315
UB Strict HSPU
Rest 3min
Front Squat @ 155#
BBJ @ 24″
These were hard, but good for me. The second one was harder than I thought. I was able to go UB on the first one, which is encouraging. Time was 1:58. DL was difficult, but the decreasing reps was just right to allow me to make it with the quick turn around from the UB strict HSPUs. The second one was super hard, had to break up front squats on 6s, 8s & 10s. Time was 5:20. Video below.

3min Choice Cyclical @ EN1
2min Mobility
x4-6 rounds (20-30min)
Hit up the AD for this whole thing. Worked on my shoulder a lot, then did some couch stretch, gut smashing, ankle opening & hip opening after.

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