DWM Wed 9/30/15

Wed 9/30/15:
Only a few days behind now. Almost there…
General Wamr-up – 10min
DROM – 10min
Same shit as usual, felt good after my warm-up.
AD – 30sec @ 400W
AD – 30sec @ 100W
x4-5 (as needed to prep for 10min)
These were pretty easy and got the HR, breathing and legs going pretty good.
AD – 10min for max cals (use HR monitor to determine cals)
I wasn’t sure how hard to go here out of the gate, so I decided to pick a number I knew I could pedal at reasonably consistently and then try and stay there throughout. I was in the high 60s for RPMs and according to the calculation I found online, I was over 350 watts the whole way. There was a little dip in the middle when the pain started to become pretty real, and then I just blocked it out and rode harder from minute 6 through 10. The last 90 seconds to 2 minutes or so I was up above 400 watts. HR Data is below.
93015 HR - 10 Min AD
AD – 10min flush
Needed this, I could barely move my legs.

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