Effort is a choice

Effort is a choice

I was floating around Instagram yesterday during my ROMWOD session (side note: If you haven’t tried ROMWOD yet, you should do it. Here’s a link to a 14-day free trial), and I stumbled on the photo below.

Effort is a choice

The quote was written by Max El-Hag, owner and head coach at Training Think Tank, for a few elite athletes (Travis Mayer, Emma McQuaid & Will Moorad, look them up, they’re pretty good at CrossFit) that were training with him in preparation for The CrossFit Games Regionals, which started this past weekend.

Their goal is to finish in the top-5 out of 40 participants at Regionals so that they can qualify for The CrossFit Games, in Southern California in July each year. This is the pinnacle of the “sport of fitness”.

The blunt, but beautiful part of this note from their coach is that if they don’t earn their way into the top-5, they will be forced to wait another year.

And, in that year, anything can happen, which may result in them never having this same opportunity again.

As relevant as this is for top level athletes competing for a tangible prize, I think the underlying message is even more important for ordinary people, living what we would call “normal lives.”

“Effort is a choice.”

It’s so simple.

Yet, it’s so hard for so many to understand.

I see so many people on a daily basis going through the motions.

They come in, fumble through the warm up, chat while we stretch, lift casually, hit the WOD at a moderate pace, get water when they don’t really need it because they felt a little discomfort, chalk their hands up while they’re doing air squats because they’re a little tired and then finish the workout with a big smile on their face and barely sweating.

As the saying goes, “you get out, what you put in.”

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, this Food for Thought Friday blog post is a challenge to all of you, whether you’re a member at Cróga or not.

When you go to the gym, push yourselves to give more.

Because “effort is a choice” and to improve, you must choose to give your all.