Erin F. Is Our August Member Of The Month

Erin F. Is Our August Member Of The Month

Erin is one of those members that I always love to see walk in the door, not just because she brings a positive attitude and good work ethic, but also because she often brings a cool story with her about work that day or the day before. She is a vet tech at Happy Hollow and The Oakland Zoo and see up close pictures of lions, tigers, leopards and other cool animals is something I can never get enough of.

I like to think that Erin’s interaction with these big scary animals gives her a little edge that she brings to the workout with her, even though she hides it under her somewhat soft spoken and cool/calm demeanor.

She has made some huge strides she came to Cróga, including her first box jump (which turned in 40+ in the next WOD), some significant strength & oly lifting PRs (her and her husband Harrison are regulars in our Oly Class), and her first pull-up is right around the corner (hopefully before 2016).

She is dedicated to making consistent progress and curious about the proper series of benchmarks to achieve a set goal and this mindset is something that will help her continue to progress exponentially. Keep up the great attitude, hard work and focus on the goals you set Erin and you’ll be just fine. We’re very happy to have you and Harrison as part of our community, congrats on the Member of the Month, it is well deserved and a long time coming.

Here is a little Q&A with Erin about her experiences here at Cróga CrossFit:

(Coach Dave): When did you join Cróga?

(Erin): My first memory at Cróga is dropping into a class while the Open was occurring and Pareesa inviting me to join your Friday night event even though I wasn’t a member at that time. The sense of community I observed during class and at the Open was something I was looking for so I finally made the switch from my previous boxes and officially joined in June.

(D): What were you doing before for fitness?

(E): I primarily did boot camp/circuit training style classes. Last year, a group from my boot camp decided to train for a marathon. Somehow I went from hardly running to completing 26.2 miles with only 6 months of training. While I am glad I accomplished it, it’s something I don’t ever want to do again!

(D): What improvements have you seen in the way you look, feel and perform?

(E): I was terrified of 20” box jumps when I first started and made it my goal for 2015. Not only did I get my first Rx box jump recently, but I have since completed 90 of them in a WOD. So I’ve learned that I am more capable that I often think and that I need bigger goals! I can also carry jaguars with more ease now. 🙂

(D): What’s your favorite WOD?

(E): I like Olympic lifts, even though the technicality of them can be frustrating at times, which is why I really like Thursday night’s Oly class.

(D): What’s your least favorite WOD?

(E): Any WOD that contain the words “burpee lateral jump overs.” As if burpees weren’t bad enough.

(D): What do you love about CrossFit?

(E): There is so much variety that there will always be something you are good at as well as something (or a lot..) that you want to work on, so there is always progress to be made which you can track. And as tough as some workouts may be, you are surrounded by a great group of people who are fighting along beside you.

(D): What’s been your favorite culinary discovery since joining Cróga?

(E): Coming from a calorie-counting eat-less exercise-more background, I am learning (slowly) that food is fuel to perform well and recover adequately. It is about finding what works for you because everyone is different. Also, do not eat Caffeine & Kilos bars in the afternoon if you want to be able to sleep that night! (Just ask Dave or Anthony…)

(D): What’s your biggest fitness goal for 2015?

(E): Kipping pull-up. So close, yet so far away.

(D): What words of advice do you have for new members or people considering joining Cróga?

(E): At Cróga, you will feel like part of a community and not like just another member. You can tell the coaches genuinely care and will help you throughout your journey, whether it is modifying a move, learning some accessory work to reach a goal, or teaching you some techniques to ease a sore muscle. Remember, we’ve all been new at some point and you will have a great community to cheer you on. Except for Murph the dog, who is probably sleeping…

(D): 20,000 kettle bell swings or 20,000 bench presses?

(E): Kettle bell swings

(D): Anything to add that we didn’t touch on yet?

(E): I’ve accomplished so much in my short time and I truly believe it’s from the support and encouragement that I receive every time I step in the box. Thank you coaches for constantly pushing me and giving me the motivation to lift heavier, go faster, or jump higher!