Focus & let it all go

Most people I know go to the gym for 2 reasons:

1. For an hour to themselves (even if it’s a group class) where they can forget everything in life and just let their brain focus on the task at hand.

2. To stay fit and be healthy so they can live longer and better lives.

The older I get and the more things I have going on in my life the more important each of these reasons become to me.

And, I can only imagine how much more they’ll be important to me once I have children.

I’ll have even more added motivation to be a good role model and live a long healthy life and I’ll need time alone to recharge.

Today I’m going to talk about reason #1 and how forgetting everything isn’t just good for you because it allows you to forget about everything going on in your crazy life, but because there’s also a learning experience to be had in each tough workout.

To me, the moment about 12 minutes into a difficult 20 minute workout where I want to slow my pace or quit because it’s getting difficult, but instead I make the conscious decision to actually push harder is one of the most satisfying moments I experience regularly.

At that moment I don’t notice it, but when I look back I realize that the task at hand was literally the only thing on my mind.

Almost a moment of clarity, if you will.

I’ve made myself continue to push, despite the fact that almost everything going through my head was telling me to slow down or to stop.

I often think that this moment is one of the more beautiful moments we can experience in life.

I also honestly believe that experiencing this moment on a regular basis is good for the brain and the body.

It’s a place where our brain has no care in the world except making the decision to do more or do less.

It’s a moment where you are challenged to your core, but with the right mindset you can will your body to continue.

And when you do make the decision to continue or to push harder, you have overcome an obstacle that once felt insurmountable.

This moment, where your body hurts, your lungs are burning, you’re drenched in sweat, and all you can think about is where to go and what to do next, this is the moment that can be drawn on for inspiration in all future moments of doubt.

It is the moment that makes you stronger.

It is an experience that you can look back on at a later date or time and think, ‘if I can do that, I can do anything.’

And it is also a feeling that can be addicting, and despite how much we hear people bitch and moan about how hard certain workouts or parts of workouts are, they keep coming back and keep chasing those moments.

So, the next time you experience this moment, don’t take your foot off the gas.

Push further, dig deeper, grind it out, show yourself what you’re made of and enjoy the moment, knowing that when you come out the other side and have finished the workout, you’ll not only be fitter, but you’ll be mentally stronger having gone through it.

Stay focused and let it all go.

I promise that when it’s all said and done, you’ll be happy you did.