Food for Thought: Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

Food for Thought: Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

A couple weeks ago I was riding our Peloton and I heard the coach, Emma Lovewell, say “Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional”.

She said this in the final 10 minutes of the ride when she was asking her riders to crank up the resistance and also speed up their cadence, meaning make the pedals feel heavier and ride faster.

As I immediately did what was asked of me and then proceeded to willingly, but painfully, suffer through the next couple intervals she had programmed I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect the timing of this quote was.

It wasn’t a way of saying that if you don’t crank it up and ride harder anything bad will happen, but more of a way of saying that if you do choose to do the hard work, you will improve.

She was giving her riders the opportunity to take the path less traveled, to choose the hard work, and to come out the other side better for it.

And in the handful of tough intervals that followed that statement, it became increasingly clearer to me that there are moments like this throughout our day in the gym, at work and at home where we’re faced with decisions and options and we have the ability to choose the one that will help us grow as a human.

They’re as simple as, should I watch another episode of some 30-minute Netflix show that I don’t even really pay much attention to while it’s on or should I go to bed 30 minutes earlier and do some reading?

Should I try a new recipe from the cookbook that has been collecting dust in the corner of my kitchen or should I order a burger on DoorDash?

Should I take my dog for a walk and listen to a book/podcast or should I watch halftime commentary during a random NFL Sunday game that I just watched the whole first half of?

Should I do 3 more burpees in the final 10 seconds of a workout or should I just do 1 super slow so the time runs out and I don’t have to do anymore?

Should I choose 10 lbs heavier than I normally do for a Power Clean workout and push myself to struggle through, but get stronger, or take the easy road and finish first in my class?

When you’re faced with small decisions, but one that provides you with the opportunity to be a better human, I want you to think about this very simple idea.

“Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional.” -John C. Maxwell