Parker Front Squat

Today, we will be doing front squats for 7 sets of 5 reps.

Besides the standard points of performance that will help you complete this movement, we want you all to GET DEEP!

Take a look at the picture of Parker above. What do you notice about his ROM (range of motion)?

His hips are BELOW his knees! This is full ROM.

We want to see all of you that do not have mobility issues that restrict you from reaching this depth to be there.

If you need to stay at a lighter weight to achieve full range of motion, that’s what we will be asking of you.

Full ROM is not only important for keeping consistency in our standard, but also for complete development of all the muscles in your legs.

Just like we don’t let you do half push-ups because you’ll never be able to push yourself up off the ground if you never touch the ground, we want you to do complete squats so when you need to use your squatting ability in everyday life you don’t need to drop the object you’re setting down because you can’t bend down far enough safely.

Theme of the day: GET DEEP!