Get Out There: Maddie & Leigh

After many conversations with you all during the month of May about going out and enjoying your increased fitness, we have decided to start a new series called “Get Out There”.

Whenever you “get out there” and use your fitness, we want to see pictures and hear about it (wear your Cróga t-shirts for bonus points)! We will then add your story to the “Get Out There” section of our blog and you will become a world renowned fitness superstar.

Our first member who really showed us what it meant to “get out there” and use his fitness was PJ. Check out the blog post about his high-speed adventures here.

Now, for our Get Out There feature of the week, Maddie & Leigh climbed Bishops in San Luis Obispo, CA!

Maddie flexin' on top of Bishops

Maddie flexin’ on top of Bishops

Leigh looking good on the way to the summit of Bishops

Leigh looking good on the way to the summit of Bishops

This hike is very popular among the students at Cal Poly SLO and with the view of the entire school and city, it’s no wonder why (panorama below). It is between a 4 and 4.5 mile hike to the top and as you can see, Leigh and Maddie picked a beautiful day to spend some quality Mother/Daughter time in the outdoors.

Great job girls!

Bishops Peak Panorama

Bishops Peak Panorama

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