Get Out There: PJ

PJ leading the pack. Check out the Cróga sticker on the front of the bike!

PJ leading the pack. Check out the Cróga sticker on the front of the bike!

Isn’t that the coolest picture of our member PJ #152 (Patrick Murphy)?!?!

I’ve known PJ from years of soccer as kids and when we opened the gym he gave me a call and said that he’d always been interested in CrossFit, but he wasn’t quite sure if it was right for him. Our first couple conversations were very similar to the same ones I’ve had with a majority of our members.

PJ has a passion for racing motorcycles and he thought CrossFit could make him a better rider because the strength gains would help him control the weight of the bike. However, he was nervous that he would get too big or inflexible, which would have the opposite effect.

PJ pushing himself on thruster #86 of 100.

PJ pushing himself on thruster #86 of 100.

Well, I finally convinced PJ to give it a try and in the 3 months he’s been here I’ve only heard good things from him after every weekend he gets to race. Not only is he stronger, but he has reported that he’s more flexible, more comfortable at a higher heart rate and his stamina & endurance have improved so when he finishes a race he’s not fully depleted.

All these things put together have made him more comfortable on his bike and MUCH faster!

Good luck with your races this weekend, PJ! We know that you’re going to do great and we’ll see you back here at Cróga on Monday.

So, what’s the point of this post, besides pointing out that it’s badass that PJ races motorcycles at 160 MPH? The point is that we want you to get out there and use your fitness!

We want you to use it to enjoy hobbies you’ve had for years, or to discover new sports that you might enjoy. We want you to go enjoy nature by going for a hike that you never thought was possible or go for a mountain bike ride or play some basketball.

Our goal is to get you “Ready for Anything”, especially those things that you decide you WANT to do.

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