Gym Rules

Gym Rules

Those of you who have been to the box in the last 2 days may have noticed some new “art work” above Cróga Murph.

The new poster shows a list of rules for our gym.

Now, before we go any further, I’d like to emphasize that this did not come about because these rules were being broken or that we were having an issue with any of our current members. They came about because until now these have been things that were spoken about and implied, but never written down.

As we continue to grow and have more visitors from out of town, having a set of rules is something that will make it easier for these people to jump right into the group without having to feel out the boundaries and the way we do things.

With that being said, our coaches won’t hesitate to reference these rules if anyone steps out of line and there may be a small burpee penalty depending on the severity of the misstep.

So, without further delay, our new gym rules are as follow:

Cróga Rules Poster

Once again, please know that we enjoy each one of you and your individual personalities and quirks because you all add to our well rounded and fun community. These rules are not directed at anyone specifically, but a guideline for existing members & a helping hand for our newbies.