Hold yourself to a higher standard

Hold yourself to a higher standard

Yesterday morning I was having a conversation with one of our members about the power cleans that we programmed and we started discussing “bro-reps”, “no-reps” and “holding the standard” (as made famous by Deuce Gym in Venice, CA).

He was telling me that he didn’t have enough time to get to Cróga for the workout, so he went to the globo-gym and did the 7×2 power cleans and then the 3 Minutes of Max Power Cleans @ 65% of his heavy double for the day and how it was a kind of eye-opening experience.

He said that he did the workout in front of a mirror and really got to see what his form looked liked and he actually didn’t give himself credit for 2 of his reps during the 3 minutes.

His words were something along the line of “I got to see what it looks like when I do a kind of janky rep. I kind of got to see what it looks like when my form is bad, or what you see from a coaches perspective and I just didn’t give myself credit for those couple reps because they just weren’t right”.

At that moment I was not only proud of him for “holding himself to a higher standard”, but for recognizing that there is value in doing something correctly.

Not only because there is honor in knowing you completed the workout truly as prescribed, but also because it’s much safer and if you only give yourself credit for properly performed repetitions, we can use your result as an honest measuring stick for future performances to see if you are really improving or if you just did a handful of crappy reps and that’s why your score is higher the second time around.

Bro-reps are something we often joke about because there are times when you’re tired and just want to get it over with (and maybe just want to win) that you inevitably try to cut the reps a little short or don’t quite do everything that was asked of you, but the consequences of this can be serious.

It’s a slippery slope and our job as coaches is to constantly challenge you to complete the task at hand as quickly as possible, but to do it properly and safely.

Chest to bar pull up

When you half-ass a rep or an entire workout, you’re only cheating yourself by not receiving the full stimulus we’re looking to provide with the WOD and you’re also exposing yourself to a higher chance of injury.

So, with that said, this is my challenge to all of you (and myself when I’m trying to “go fast”).

Hold yourself to a higher standard.

Don’t count the squats that aren’t to full depth if you’re capable of getting down there if you lower the weight 10 or 20 lbs.

Don’t count the power cleans that don’t rest on your shoulders with your elbows in front of the bar and you fully standing at the end.

Don’t be the guy/gal that finishes Fran with 2 pull-ups where your chin doesn’t break the plane of the bar when the first 43 in the workout did just in the name of setting a 45 second PR instead of a 35 second PR.

Be the ATHLETE that holds themselves to the highest standard and doesn’t accept anything less.

I promise you will walk out the door with your head held high knowing that you completed the work that was asked of you to the highest standard you’re capable of and that your score is a true representation of your fitness level at this moment in time.

You will be better for it!