What is Ignite?

Ignite at Cróga CrossFit is a CrossFit inspired workout minus the barbell and heavy weights.

HIIT & CrossFit Combined

In this class we combine the main principles and methodology of HIIT & CrossFit but restrict the movements to include cardio, core work, bodyweight, light kettlebells, light dumbbells and light medicine balls.

Stretching & Mobilization

We will also include an emphasis on stretching and mobilization for a portion of each class to help you get long and lean muscles, reduce body fat and prevent injuries.

Modified For Every Athlete

This class is perfect for all levels of fitness as every workout and movement can be modified to challenge each participant individually.

Stepping Stone to CrossFit

This class is also a great way to ease into our General CrossFit Program, if you are looking to get a little more fit before joining our regular classes that include weightlifting. There is NO intro class required to join Ignite, you can just hop right in!

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What to Bring

Although you don’t need much besides a smile, a willingness to sweat a little and have some fun, below is a list of a few things that’ll make sure you’re comfortable during your first class.

  • T-shirt or Tank Top
    • You’re arms are going to be involved, so we want you comfortable.
  • Shorts or Stretchy Pants
    • We’re going to do some squatting and lunging and bending at the waist, so being free to move in the lower body is essential to your success.
  • Athletic Shoes
    • Having a flat shoe is fantastic, but tennis shoes or running shoes will be just fine. Just please don’t wear clogs or sandals, haha.
  • Water Bottle
    • We have cups for you if you forget a water bottle, but we like to keep our plastic waste to a minimum, so we have a top-notch water filtration system for you to re-fill your own water bottle with. We even have members that fill a full water bottle at the gym daily and drink the water all day, IT’S THAT GOOD!
  • Towel (not required)
    • This is according to personal preference. We do not provide towels, but we know some people like them, so if you want one, bring it.


We offer “Ignite only” memberships as follows:

  • 3x/week with NO CONTRACT: $119/month
  • Unlimited with NO CONTRACT: $169/month
  • 10-Class Punchcard with 1-year expiration: $150
  • Drop-in Rate: $20/class

 Sign up for 2 FREE Ignite Classes

No Intro Session Required

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We offer Ignite Monday through Friday at 4:45-5:15 pm