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Here at Cróga CrossFit, we are constantly exploring ways to add value for our members and we wanted to give you a heads up on some of the things that are in the pipeline.

    1. The CrossFit Games: From the afternoon classes on Thursday, July 25th until Sunday, July 28th we will be CLOSED for The CrossFit Games. However, we will be posting WODs that can be completed at home or at a track on those days so that you can keep up with your training. We’re hoping to be able to get a few of you together to complete the WODs at the Campbell Community Center or Willow Glen High School track on that weekend.track21-780x564
    2. 4505 Meats: One evening next week, we will be hosting Kyle from 4505 Meats to come speak to you all about a monthly meat CSA program that we will be teaming up with them for. This program will consist of them delivering individual packages of grass-fed beef, pasture-raised organic pork, grass-fed lamb, chicken, sausage, and other goodies, directly to our gym for pick up by those who opt-in. Click the flyer below for details on how the program works and make sure to visit the gym the evening that Kyle swings by.

      All Girls Class
    3. Mobility/Yoga: We will be adding a class that will be free for all our members where the first half of class will be CrossFit Mobility work with Coach Kelly, followed by Yoga for the second half hour taught by one of our current member, Mrs. Catherine Chambers. Look for this addition to the schedule around the same time as Rebelle Fitness finds a new permanent home in our schedule.

      [caption id="attachment_1512" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Coach Kelly & Caffy playing around Coach Kelly & Caffy playing around

    4. 2x Olympian, Kevin McMahon: We are working on picking a date in early August when an honorary member, Kevin McMahon, can come one even to speak to you all. Through 20 years of training, competing, and living with Olympic athletes, Kevin has put together a 90 minute presentation called “Faster. Stronger. Tougher.” that focuses on the strategies and research used by elite athletes that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Keep your eyes peeled for the date and time. It will most likely be on a weekday evening.McMahon_Kevin
    5. Paleo Challenge: During the month of October, we will be hosting a Paleo Challenge. The challenge will follow the format of the Whole30 with a point system that rewards clean eating, water consumption, completion of WODs, sleep, and supplements. At the end of the month winners will be crowned and prizes will be awarded. The goal of the month will not just be to find a Whole30 champion, but to improve the overall health of as many members of our community as possible and supporting each other in the process.Whole30-Header-Final

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