Individual Coaching for Existing Cróga Members

Individual Coaching for Existing Cróga Members

A few months ago, we began offering Personal Training at Cróga with a few simple goals in mind:

1. We wanted to break down the barrier to entry for those that didn’t want to jump right into a big scary group class (I promise they’re not that scary)
2. We wanted to provide an option for people that like one-on-one attention or have a schedule that doesn’t allow them to attend any of our class times
3. And, we wanted to provide our current members with a way to get some individual coaching to help them improve.

Now, I know that our Personal Training option has been effective for the first two scenarios above and I hope that this option will continue to be utilized, but we haven’t seen much of scenario number 3 and that’s what I’m looking to address today.

I think that the main reason for slow uptake by our currentmembers is that I’ve done a poor job of outlining what it is that we’re looking to accomplish for our members with this offering and also by not spreading the word well.

I also think that the words “Personal Training” are often associated with “expensive” and “overpriced” and looking for good training and value is why many people tend to gravitate to group training like our CrossFit group classes.

Believe me, the reason I love CrossFit so much and the reason 99% of the stuff we do is group oriented is because working out with your friends and being pushed by other athletes in your class is a hell of a lot better than suffering through a WOD by yourself.

However, there’s only so much individual coaching, skill refinement, and cueing we can do in a group setting.

And add on top of that the fact that once the WOD starts the intensity level skyrockets and that’s not really the best time to try something new or make changes to how you typically perform a movement, as long as you’re not doing something crazy that is going to get you hurt.

So, with all that being said, why do we offer Individual Coaching (aka Personal Training) to our current members?

We do it so that you all have the opportunity to get a coach, one-on-one, with 100% undivided attention, to help you work on and develop the skills, mobility, strength, etc. needed to be successful in class and in life.

We want you to move well, we want you to be safe, and we want you to kick ass and our 30-minute or 60-minute Individual Coaching (aka Personal Training) sessions are the best way to fast track all of those things.

With The Open right around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule your first session with the coach of your choice and take your game to the next level.

For pricing per session or for 5, 10 or 20 session packages of 30-minute or 1-hour, please visit our Personal Training/Individual Coaching Page.

If you would like to book a 30-minute or 60-minute session or you have any questions about the process, shoot us an email and we’ll answer away and get you set up with your coach at a time that works best for you both.

We’re looking forward to seeing a ton of you take this extra step to improvement and crushing The Open and your fitness goals for 2016.