January 2019 Whole30 Results

January 2019 Whole30 Results

Our official January Whole30 ended last week and we’re very proud of all the positive changes everyone made! We loved hearing about your weight loss but were even more excited about your Non-Scale Victories (NSV) and what you took away from your Whole30 experience. Here are some inspiring results from our community.

Kezia K.
The Whole30 made a surprising impact on me this time around. I did it once many years ago and I remember that it helped me transition to a paleo lifestyle. This time around things were really different. I tried to outline it below.

Before:  I was eating out all the time and sometimes the food was good and sometimes it was OK. After eating I always felt slow and heavy and couldn’t move for a while. I indulged in bad food all the time and really spent too much time snacking.

Whole 30: I used a lot of cookbooks from the library and recipes online and my meals tasted so much better then they did right before the Whole 30. I was really shocked at how yummy my food was. At first, I used to stress out about what to cook and the fear of being hungry and falling into bad food temptation so I had to plan ahead. Throughout the month it got a lot easier and I became more confident in my ability to exercise self-control.

Before: My body was stiff and achy all the time. At night I was really sore and stiff and I woke up in the morning feeling the same way. I used to oversleep every morning and would drag myself out of bed.

Whole 30: Despite pushing myself physically and going to a ton of classes, I always woke up feeling great and rarely sore. I stopped taking turmeric for inflammation. Since I was less achy I was able to take more CrossFit classes. I really enjoyed being more active and did some hikes and a few jobs for the month. I also started waking up 2 hours earlier and seemed more alert than before.

Before: I took probiotics regularly b/c I have a lot of food sensitives and sometimes feel pretty awful after eating.

Whole 30: Started actually feeling better after eating and didn’t need to take my probiotics so often.

Physically I had hoped for more dramatic results may be because people have these crazy stories online but I did lose 8 pounds and almost 4 inches and that is better than nothing.

Ultimately I lacked any sort of discipline with my diet before Whole 30 and now I feel that I have more structure with Whole 30, so I am going to continue eating like this in February but I am going to give myself some cheat meal credits so that it feels more sustainable.

Patrick C.
I definitely lost weight. Although I didn’t weigh myself at the beginning (whoops), in the last week I lost 4-5 lbs and felt like I lost over 10 in total.

Energy was up after the first few days and I drank less coffee. Or needed less coffee. I still drank a lot of coffee. The most apparent changes I noticed were recovery time and sleep. I slept great and felt refreshed in the mornings and felt great before and soreness subsided quickly the mornings after (still felt it- just not too badly). Was also told that I looked great which was nice for the ol’ ego (You should include for journalistic integrity that it was my mom who told me I looked good. I don’t care it still fed my ego).

Erin T.
I lost a total of 12 pounds; some of that was weight gain from the holidays but some was extra, which was awesome! I was lucky and did not experience any of the negative side effects that are common (e.g. fatigue, moodiness, not feeling well), but I also did not notice any other positive side effects (e.g. clearer skin, better sleep, shorter recovery, etc.) aside from the weight loss and the confidence that gave me, which is more than enough for me! Even though Whole30 is over, I am not putting sugar in my coffee, which is a positive habit change. I am also trying to continue to eat less and plan to start Paleo on Monday.

Susie R.
Whole 30 was such a great kick-off to my 2019. Towards the end of 2018, I gained way too much weight from stress at work and holiday goodies. I lost around 10lbs and I feel so much better overall. The thing I noticed was that I was much more alert at night. Once I get home from work and sit down, you better believe I am not getting up again! But I felt so much more awake and able to do a lot in the evenings. When it was time to go to bed I fell asleep just as I normally would. It definitely helped me to start 2019 in a healthier light, but I am so grateful I can have cheese once again.