January Whole30 Results

Our official January Whole30 ended last week and we’re very proud of all the positive changes everyone made! We loved hearing about your weight loss but were even more excited about your Non-Scale Victories (NSV) and what you took away from your Whole30 experience. Here are some inspiring results from our community.

Katherine B.

The Numbers: Kat lost 26lbs!

NSV: Improved quality of sleep, increased energy in the morning and all day, less bloated, less sluggish and easier movement.

Courtney P.

The Numbers: Courtney lost 9lbs and her husband lost 10lbs!

NSV: Clothes fit better, people noticed a change and asked what she was doing, fewer cravings and less bloated.

Rick D.

The Numbers: Rick lost 15lbs and his wife lost 11.4lbs (at under 3 months post partum)!

NSV: Feeling better overall

Here are some other Take-Aways and Tips from our community:

“If I’m going to have a treat (I love sugar too much), it’s going to be something delicious and worth it, not some random piece of candy sitting out at work because it’s 2pm and I want something sweet. I also learned that with a little more planning, this is something we can incorporate often. With baseball and soccer for both boys this spring, we’ll need to plan! Also, doing this with my husband was key. I have to admit, I’m not sure I would have lasted so long without him doing it or all the good ideas from Cróga’s FB page. Telling friends what we were doing when we went to their house was also helpful as they were on board with us at least for the nights we were with them!” – Courtney P.

“Definitely want to shout out all of those who participated in Whole30 and those who are still goin’ strong! I did not partake however the overall motivation from the Cróga community helped me start the year off in the right direction to cooking more at home, avoid over eating, avoid eating crap throughout the day especially at work and at night and making better decisions when I go out. The Whole30 potluck was filled with super tasty stuff and I’m excited to get some of those recipes! Great job guys! Cheers to healthy months ahead and an awesome Open!” – Erica O.

“We are now slowly re-introducing things to see if we can learn a little bit more about our food sensitivities as we go forward. We also really enjoyed the Platejoy subscription option and that was the thing that made it possible to stick with the plan for us.” – Rick D.