Jordan O. Is The October Member Of The Month

Jordan O. Is The October Member Of The Month

When I think about Jordan being our member of the month I immediately think back to one of his first workouts. He was just dead tired and looked like he couldn’t take much more, but still had a huge smile on his face and wouldn’t stop because it was a partner WOD and he didn’t want to let his teammate down. It was right then that I immediately knew he was going to be with us for a while and eventually he was going to develop into one heck of an athlete because he had the right mindset.

It was also pretty darn easy to choose him as our member of the month because he, his wife, Tami, and his brother, Rysen, are quite possibly the three nicest people you’ve ever met. The Otomo Crew always walks in the door with big smiles – ready to have a laugh and get to work. They even pretend I’m funny when I hit them with my Haole Hawaiian lingo since they’re from Maui and I love the Islands so much.

It’s been nearly a year and Jordan’s progress and expression of his athleticism are very impressive. I’m excited to see what year 2 holds for him. Congratulations Jordan!

When did you join Cróga?
I joined Cróga this past January.  At the time, I was mostly looking for an activity that would rebuild some of the mental toughness and competitive fire I lost when I hung up my speedo at the end of my high school swimming career.

What were you doing before for fitness?
Just pick-up basketball a few times a week.

What was your first workout? First reaction to your first workout?
My first workout was a Saturday partner workout.  It consisted of a lot of rowing, a lot of deadlifts, and a lot of T2Bs, which I couldn’t do at the time.  After nearly 30 minutes of rowing, deadlifting, and hanging knee tucking, my forearms were crying and I was gasping for air.  I distinctly remember saying to myself, “if by the end of this first year I am half as fit as this Jason guy, I’ll consider my journey into CrossFit a success.”  That first workout was also when I started to realize how encouraging and supportive everyone at Cróga is (thanks Jason!).  I couldn’t wait for the next workout.

What improvements have you seen in the way you look, feel and perform?
My scale says I look the same, but I’d like to think that I’ve converted some fat to muscle since January.  I definitely feel a lot more fit and prepared to take on physical challenges.  My strength and stamina have also improved a lot, though I still seem to red-line quicker than most at Cróga…

What days and times do you come to Cróga?
5:30 or 6:30 pm during the week and 8 am on the weekends.  I try to come as often as my body permits, which is usually between 4 and 6 times per week.

What’s your favorite WOD?
Don’t have a favorite yet, but I definitely prefer short and on the heavier side.  Maybe something like Heavy Grace.

What’s your least favorite WOD?
Anything long, unless it includes a partner.  The workout that Steve wrote this year comes to mind…

“The Jordan” WOD! What would it be?
Hmmm…how about 6 rounds for time of 6 BW bench presses and 6 BW power cleans.

What’s your favorite post-workout routine?
Catching my breath in front of the fan then doing a post-game analysis with whoever is nearby.

What do you love about CrossFit?
Two things: the constant improvement and the constant challenge.

It may just be beginner gains, but I love that I’ve been making measurable improvements in fitness and strength without focusing on any specific goal.  I ran my fastest mile since high school 8 months after joining Cróga without doing any more running than what was programmed in the WODs.  Similarly, I’ve seen steady improvements in my max deadlift despite doing heavy deadlifts at most once a month.

Though it can be frustrating at times, I also love that there’s a never-ending list of things to learn or get better at.  At first, it was double unders… then HSPUs… then snatches… etc.  My next hurdles are overhead squats and pistols.  The challenge keeps me motivated and excited to come to class.

What’s been your favorite culinary discovery since joining Cróga?
The only new thing in my diet is my post-workout protein shake (or smoothie if I was really nice to Tami that day).  Need to make sure my hard work is being converted to gainz.

What’s your biggest fitness goal for this year?
To get a little leaner so those C2B pull-ups and other bodyweight movements aren’t so taxing.

What words of advice do you have for new members or people considering joining Cróga?
Come on in, the water’s warm!  No matter what your level of fitness is, you will be embraced by the coaches and community.  I often hear people say that it’s so much easier to work out when you have a training partner — at Cróga, it truly feels like you have a gym full of partners cheering you on and pushing you to do your best!

Anything to add that we didn’t touch on yet?
Thanks to the coaches and other members for making Cróga such a great community.  I know it’s been said many times before, but the community is what makes Cróga so special!