Kevin S. Is Our 2015 Member Of The Year

Kevin S. Is Our 2015 Member Of The Year

It’s been a little over a year since we first met Kevin. I’ll never forget the Saturday morning when one of our members, Doug, asked if he could bring his buddy with him. The workout was a combination of running and body weight exercises. Kevin did quite well and I could tell he was a competitor, but Doug told me he was sore for a week after it, so I wasn’t sure when or if he’d be back.

It was a few months, but when we finally saw him back at Cróga, it was obvious that he’s been spending some extra time in the gym and that he meant business. From day 1 Kevin has been consistent and serious about his training & nutrition and is always looking to learn something new to challenge himself and improve. He spends extra time after almost every class working on something that is a “deficiency” until he can crush that movement and then he moves on.

Kevin’s friendliness, attitude about training, focus in and out of the gym and general passion for always improving make him the perfect candidate for our Member of the year award and we’re proud to have him as an anchor in our community.

Congratulations, Kevin! You’ve earn this award and I’m looking forward to you continuing on the path and inspiring those around you to get better every day. Stay Lionhearted!

Here is a little Q&A with Kevin about his experiences here at Cróga:

(Dave): What did you do for fitness before Cróga CrossFit?

(Kevin): Before joining Cróga, I did a lot of fat-guy-jogging (a much better description of what I was actually doing than running). Occasionally, I’d stop at a playground and do some pull-ups and push-ups but really, that was it. Good enough and really damned fine shape for an accountant, I always thought.

(D): What was it that made you want to try CrossFit? Kevin S_squat

(K): I came to my first class because my buddy Doug kept after me to try it. I finally ran out of excuses and went on a Saturday after our kid’s t-ball game. How hard could it be right? Doug’s last advice before the workout started was don’t let the 16 year old high school girl beat you too badly. I wasn’t sure if he was serious. But after Madi finished kicking my ass, I knew there was some “room for improvement” in my overall fitness.

(D): What results have you noticed since joining? (weight loss, changes to body fat, size changes, etc)?

(K): Since joining Cróga about a year ago, I’ve lost 20 lbs of body fat and gained just under 10 lbs of lean muscle. What’s amazing to me is that I really didn’t think I was in terrible shape before joining. But now, 12 months later, I just feel so much better (which offers me some small consolation to the fact that Madi is still kicking my ass).

(D): What do you think your biggest improvement has been inside the gym? What about outside the gym?

(K): Inside the gym would have to be the ability to complete double-unders. Still not my favorite part of any WOD but when scheduled, at least I can do more than just stand there with the rope in my hand and look stupid. There are so many separate components to Crossfit, it’s really tough to ever get complacent. Feeling pretty good about yourself because you got your first muscle up? Well here, try pistols. It’s equal parts rewarding and frustrating and pretty much the exercise equivalent of crack for a slightly OCD personality like mine.

Outside the gym, without getting too deep, I find that I’m setting a slightly better example for my sons. Right before my first was born, my family doctor told me it didn’t matter what I said to my kids, it’s what they saw me doing everyday that would stick. Last night, unprompted, I saw all four of my boys doing some version of push-ups at the same time. Of course it quickly transitioned to me yelling at one of them to stop kicking his brother below the belt. I’m taking credit for the push-up part. The ball kicking is almost certainly my wife’s fault.

(D): What are some new things that you have learned about yourself since starting CrossFit?

(K): I’ve found I really missed a competitive outlet. I grew up involved in athletics and when they were done, I always figured I would be content to move on. You know, get old, push my sons relentlessly to the point of alienating them, try to live vicariously through their achievements, the normal stuff. Turns out I was wrong about that (the moving on part I mean, I’ll probably still do the vicarious living, alienating, etc.).

(D): What advice would you give someone that can’t decide if they should try CrossFit or who just started?

(K): For someone thinking of joining I’d say read everything you want about other people’s experiences and opinions about Crossfit and then forget them. Walk into Cróga and give yourself 3 months. Set a schedule and stick to it. Check your ego and don’t kill yourself in the first few weeks. At the end of 3 months, see how you feel and make up your own mind. I promise you that you’ll remember the first time you look at a WOD and think about attacking it rather than surviving it. Oh, and log your scores daily. It really does help to see actual measurable improvement over time.

(D): Anything else you would like to add?

(K): I’d like to add a thank you to everyone at Cróga, coaches and other members alike, for creating a great community and a genuinely good place to be. A special thanks to all the people who push me everyday to get better, whether they know it or not. And a big thank you for choosing me as the member of the year. I’ve been telling my wife since we married that I’m kind of a big deal and while she has remained inexplicably dismissive of the notion, I can now finally offer her some tangible evidence. And plan to. Repeatedly.