Lifestyle Challenge Success

Lifestyle Challenge Success

From mid-April until mid-May we ran a Lifestyle Challenge at Cróga that turned out to be incredibly successful.

Since there was a lot more that went into this challenge than just telling people what they can and can’t eat, I thought I’d share the concept, my thoughts before/after, some things I heard from our members, and the results as this week’s Food for Thought Friday blog post.

Let’s start with the concept first. We wanted to kick start spring for our members by setting some healthy habits, so we found an app developer to team up with to create a challenge that involved our members opening the app and answering 12 questions a day. For every question they could answer “yes” to, they would get a point, for every “no” they would not. Below is a screenshot of the questions:

Lifestyle Challenge Questions

As you can see, we didn’t just ask questions about what they ate, we wanted them to make actual lifestyle changes including increasing their sleep and water intake, while also getting some exercise outside the gym and doing some stretching each day.

At Cróga CrossFit we know that a balanced and clean diet is often difficult to maintain, but we also know that there are a lot of other areas in our lives that we can make improvements and we wanted to highlight these with daily reminders of what good habits are.

Before we started the challenge I hoped that at least 50% of the participants would lose some weight while also seeing performance improvements due to the changes they made, but I also hoped that this would be a turning point for as many members as possible to see where they need to make improvements and to shed light on all the areas they can improve to be healthier.

After we had finished the challenge I was extremely happy with the weight loss results (10 people recorded and reported their weight loss for a total of 98 lbs, or an average of almost 10 lbs a person), but I was also very happy with a lot of the comments, positive feedback we received.

We heard some awesome things like:

“Four year low weight…this is working!”

“I’m feeling a TON better and stronger in the gym. I lost 12 lbs this month, while hitting two strength personal records.”

“The extra 30 minutes of exercise got me walking my dogs regularly again and the stretching before bed gave me time to reflect on my day and helped me sleep much better.”

“I never realized how little sleep I was getting and how big of an impact it can make on how I feel throughout a day.”

“I think it’s the longest I’ve gone without alcohol since I was pregnant.”

We were also very happy with the camaraderie and support we saw in the Facebook group we created for the challenge. Including tons of words of encouragement, lots of recipe sharing and tons of photos of great looking healthy meals.

Finally, we saw some fantastic changes in behavior that have continued to keep our members that participated motivated as we reach the end of spring and head into summer.

We’re looking forward to running another challenge in a few months and seeing even more participation and solid results.

In the meantime, keep your eye on our questions of the day and refer back if you ever feel like you need a refresher on what some basic and solid lifestyle choices are.