Logging, Progress, PR Board & Rewards

Logging, Progress, PR Board & Rewards

At Cróga CrossFit we provide our members with access to an awesome workout/result tracking website called Beyond the Whiteboard. It is our opinion that BTWB has the most complete and user friendly WOD tracking software available to CrossFitters today and that’s why we have used it since Day 1 of opening Cróga more than 3 years ago.Beyond the Whiteboard 2

While some people don’t believe it’s worth their time to log their workouts, I think most just don’t truly understand the value and that why I’m writing this today.

I’ve made it my mission to get a larger percentage of our members to log/track their workout results knowing full well how powerful of a tool BTWB is and what tracking my workouts and progress has done for me over the years.intensity equation

First of all, if you didn’t care about making progress you wouldn’t be doing CrossFit. I can’t think of a single person that does CrossFit in an effort to become less fit and less healthy. If that was the goal, you would pay $10 a month to “go” to some shitty globo-gym to “work out”, which really means walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then floating around the free weight area for 20 minutes not knowing what to do and then leaving because you feel uncomfortable. For this reason alone, you should be tracking your workouts because with consistent attendance, reasonable effort and ok nutrition you’ll see positive results.

Second, when you don’t track your workouts, how are you going to truly know that youBenchmark Workout List - Cróga CrossFit‘re getting more fit? We have a list of benchmark workouts that we program twice a year (see image to the right) and we repeat power lift and olympic lifts regularly so that you can see what progress you’ve made and determine if you’re headed in the right direction or if we need to make an adjustment to what you’re doing.

Third, without logging your workouts, we don’t have a target to push towards and therefore you’re just floating along. We’re not saying that every single time we repeat a lift you need to or are going to hit a PR, but if you have no idea what you’re capable of, you’ll never be able to push yourself to a higher level of intensity (see Intensity math equation for our nerds), which in turn means we won’t see any true results.

Finally (here’s the fun part), without knowing or establishing Personal Records, you can never break them or set a PR. If you never set a PR, you don’t get to ring the PR bell at Cróga or write your name on the PR Board or get high fives from your entire class and coach or get to walk out the door with your head held high and a big smile on your face because you just did something you’ve never done before and never thought you’d be capable of. And without enjoying those awesome experiences, you are also not going to be entered into our new monthly PR raffle for a gift card.

Yup, you read that right. In an effort to encourage you all to track your workouts and use the PR board, we have decided to start a monthly PR raffle. If you hit a PR in any given month, ring the PR bell, write it on the PR board and you’ll be entered into our monthly raffle to win a gift card. At the end of each month, Haley will send out an email to the lucky winner to come claim their prize and write their name on the PR Board as the previous month’s winner.

Now that all of that is said and done, if you do not currently have a Beyond the Whiteboard account, or you forgot how to use it, or you need help, speak up or shoot Haley an email at haley@crogacrossfit.com. All of our coaches know how to use the program and mobile app and can help you out.

We’re looking forward to hearing a lot more PR bell ringings, seeing more names on the PR board and giving out more high fives for increased levels of fitness!