Lurong Living Summertime Challenge – More Information

Lurong Living Summertime Challenge – More Information

With the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge only a few weeks away, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how the diet & lifestyle portions of the challenge work.

If you’re looking for some general information about the challenge, check out our first blog post.

Then, see below for the complete Dietary Rules and Guidelines, as well as, the Lifestyle Marker Points.

Dietary Rules and Guidelines

The three diet levels each have their own set of rules, allowances, and restrictions. In general, they are focused on a few basic nutritional principles:
Eating more whole foods
Removing inflammatory and problematic foods
Controlling insulin response (prevent blood sugar spiking)
Providing your body with a metabolic reset
While you are not judged on the exact proportions, it is recommended that each meal and snack consists of 40% carbohydrate, 30% Protein, and 30% Fat. We also encourage Participants to balance their meals and snacks with a protein, good carbohydrate, and a healthy fat.
The Food Search is publically available until registration closes and outlines both the categories of foods as well as individual foods and ingredients that are allowed or banned for each diet level. The Challenge Team reserves the right to update the food database at any time in order to either add to the listed food items or to provide further clarification to any food in the search database. If a food or ingredient is not listed, it is the responsibility of the Participant to make sure that it is acceptable under the general diet guidelines or to contact the Challenge Team with their question. Use the Contact Us form to send your questions.

General Elite Level Rules
Eat whole foods: lean meats, lots of vegetable, some fruit, some seeds and nuts, limited starches, no sugar, no dairy, and no legumes.
No candy, soda, pastas, wheat/whole wheat, rice, oats, rice, artificial ingredients, bagels, tortillas, corn, or cereals.
No, beans, peas, lentils, white potatoes, or soy.
No, sugar (natural or artificial) and limited natural sweeteners
No milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or butter (see ghee exception).

General Pro Level Rules
Eat lean whole foods: meats, lots of vegetable, some fruit, some seeds and nuts, limited starches, limited grains, and no sugar.
No candy, soda, corn, breads or pastas, artificial ingredients. No bread products made from wheat/whole wheat.
Only natural sweeteners allowed, and no sugar
Key allowances: Quinoa, white potatoes whey protein supplements, rice, oatmeal (not instant), legumes, natural sweeteners, some alcohol, most dairy (natural), caffeinated supplements, whey protein supplements

General Starter Level Rules
Eat as many whole foods as possible including lean meats, lots of vegetable, some fruit, some seeds and nuts, some starches, grains, and no sugar.
No candy, soda, wheat or wheat flour bread products, artificial ingredients, or bread products made from wheat/whole wheat.
Key allowances: all other grains (except wheat), corn, some alcohol, all fruit, white potatoes, natural sweeteners, dairy, legumes, lemon/lime juice, caffeinated supplements, whey protein supplements

General Moderation Defined
Many foods are perfectly acceptable and nutritionally beneficial for someone to consume while trying to become healthier or when losing weight. However, some of these items need to be limited in their quantity or frequency of consumption in order to help Participants reach their goals.

Foods that are listed in the Food Search under Moderation without any specific rule, serving, or allotment are considered General Moderation. The Sponsor puts it in the hands of the Participant to police themselves on these items. With these items more is not better, primarily due to either their high calorie content or potential effect on blood glucose levels or insulin response.

Specific Moderation Defined
Some foods need a little stricter monitoring than a general call to moderation, especially when the goal is weight loss, body transformation, and improved performance. Therefore, some food items listed as moderation will also contain a serving size and allowance in order to help keep Participants on track and more likely to reach their goals.

Reference the Food Search for complete details.

Special Allowances
Natural Sweeteners
Elite- only 2 tablespoons of natural sweeteners are allowed per day. These are listed in the food search and include: stevia, honey, raw agave, honey, coconut crystals, erythritol, and pure maple syrup.
Pro- only the same natural sweeteners are allowed, but there is no limit to the daily amount.
Starter- no restrictions to natural sweeteners. Sugar, raw sugar, corn syrup, and organic sugar are not considered natural sweeteners.

Elite- eat in moderation only if no nitrates or nitrites and nutrition label says “0” Grams of Sugar. Some are cured in traces amounts of sugar so sugar could be on the ingredient list but if it says “0” grams of sugar it is allowed.
Pro- sugar may be an ingredient but only for curing. The label must list “0” grams of sugar.
Starter- Pro- sugar may be an ingredient but only for curing. The label must list “0” grams of sugar.

Ghee- (Grass fed clarified butter) For Elite Ghee is the only dairy exception. When grass fed it is a versatile and healthy fat source with valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. Limit Ghee to 2 tablespoons per day. There are no restrictions for Pro or Starter.

Caffeine- For Elite it is in moderation if naturally occurring caffeine from tea, or coffee. Caffeine in a supplement form or listed as an ingredient on the label is limited to 75 mg or less in a serving. There is no formal restriction for Pro or Starter.

Low Calorie Chewing Gum-
Elite- 5 calories or less with no sugar and no more than 2 sticks per day
Pro and Starter- No gum with an unapproved sweetener or sugar.

Elite- One 6 ounce glass of red or white wine per day with dinner. You cannot save up days for a weekend splurge.
Pro- One 6 ounce glass of red or white wine or one 12-ounce beer. You cannot save up days for a weekend splurge.
Starter- Two drinks total or either red wine, white wine (6 ounce glass), or 12-ounce beer. You cannot save up days for a weekend splurge.

Lemon Juice or fruit juice-
Elite- if used for flavoring or cooking (3 oz or less per day)
Pro- no limit with lemon or lime juice for flavoring or cooking
Starter- no limit with lemon or lime juice for flavoring or cooking. Five ounces/day allowance for other fruit juice, but no juice from concentrate is allowed.

Protein Shake Supplementation-
Elite-1 serving of your choice of Protein Powder supplementation if it is taken within 30 minutes post- workout. It cannot be used as a meal replacement or used in any manner other than as a post WOD Protein Supplement. A pure egg white or hemp protein with no added sugar or other banned items would not be held to the same limitation. The allowance does provide the ability to have 1 whey protein supplement even if it is sweetened with sugar or other unapproved sweetener.
Pro and Starter- Athletes may have one protein supplement that contains whey or sweeteners per workout they perform. A whey protein with no added sugar or artificial ingredients is not restricted.This allows athletes who are either training with multiple sessions per day or participating in a competition to use extra protein supplementation. It may not be used as a meal replacement.

Endurance Athletes-
Elite- many Participants may be training for or competing in an endurance event during the Challenge. For any event or training session that lasts for 120 minutes or more of continuous and strenuous exercise a Participant is allowed to supplement with electrolyte replenishing drinks, goo, energy blocks, etc.
Pro and Starter- there are no restrictions for supplementation during an endurance event.

Lifestyle Marker Points

During the Challenge participants will be answering 6 basic lifestyle questions for each week of the Challenge. These questions are designed to focus one’s energy on key components of their lifestyle to create the greatest possible transformation over the 5 weeks of the Challenge.

Participants have 5 full days to enter the Lifestyle Markers for a given week. For example, your Lifestyle Markers for Week 1 will open for submission on Sunday (end of the week at 5 PM EST) must be entered by Friday at 11:59 PM EST. Once the deadline has passed the Lifestyle Marker entry will no longer be accessible on the participant’s Challenge platform, so please don’t miss any deadlines.

The six Lifestyle Markers will have the option of answering True or False. If a participant is compliant and answers True to the question is will count as (+5) points and if the answer is False it is still (+1) point. A participant must answer all 6 questions for any of the daily answers to be recorded in the system or count for points. The six record items are as follows:
I exercised at least 4 times this week: True | False
I ate at least 3 servings of vegetables everyday: True | False
I stretched or worked on mobility 4 times this week: True |False
I had 6-8 hours of sleep at least 5 times this week: True | False
I drank at least 64 ounces of water every day this week: True | False
I tried at least one new recipe this week: True | False

Lifestyle Marker Definitions

#1 I exercised at least 4 times this week.
A qualifying workout consists of any Summertime Challenge workout at any skill level, any CrossFit WOD, playing a sport or doing an physical activity that involves at least 10 minutes of continuous exercise.
We recommend taking one day off from exercising each week.
Does my activity Count?
Is it 10 or more minutes of continuous activity?
Does it make you sweat?
Does it make your heart beat faster or does it make you breath heavier?
It must be intentional

Taking 15 flights of stairs instead of the elevator resulting in 10 or more minutes of exercise with some huffing and puffing. Counts
Walking around the mall while stopping at various shops- Doesn’t Count

#2 I ate 3 or more servings of Vegetables today.
A serving size of veggies could be:
1 cup of raw leafy vegetables
1/2 cup of other vegetables, cooked or raw
3/4 cup of vegetable juice
Vegetables categorized under moderation count towards only one of three servings of vegetables for the day.
3 servings is a minimum baseline, but more than 3 servings is recommended.

#3 I stretched or worked on mobility 4 or more times this week.
Stretching or mobility work can be done before a WOD at the gym.
Using a roller, pressure ball, stretch bands, or similar mobility device is allowed
Getting a massage or using a massage device like a chair does not qualify.

#4 I had 6-8 hours of sleep at least 5 times this week.
In bed, with the lights out, eyes closed, with your head on the pillow counts.
Laying in bed with any screen on or reading a book does not count
Why not require this every night? Life happens, babies happen, and the goal is have participants do their best and to focus on sleep. Sleep is too important to take for granted.

#5 I drank at least 64 ounces of water.
Water from fruits or vegetables does not count.
Water content in other beverages like coffee or tea does not count.
Water that is flavored with lemon or lime juice does count.
Carbonated water can counts towards up-to 16 ounces of your water intake per day

#6 I tried at least one new recipe this week.
Trying new recipes and foods is part of the transformation process.
New recipes do not have to be created from scratch or prepared/cooked by the participant .
A brand new food counts as a one ingredient recipe .
If the participant doesn’t cook the recipe, they need to have access to the recipe so that it can be submitted in the recipe challenge form.